5 Ways Tech Gadgets Have Improved Our Lives

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September 18, 2017
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5 Ways Tech Gadgets Have Improved Our Lives

Technology is the founding stone of any civilization. The overall progress of any society depends on the most on scientific progress. This becomes evident if one looks at human history, which is in one sense a chronological account of scientific transitions from the simple to the complex. And now, in the 21 century, the world is more technology-dependent than it ever was.

Our lives have become so tech dependent that it has started to change the basic structure of our society. The invention of the internet, and subsequently, social network, has affected the very meaning of a community.

We have developed societal roles laced with rules different from the previous ones, and the way of information dissemination has seen a huge upgrade. On the other hand, gadgets have made our lives easier and productive. The biggest implication of this is the saving in time and money, and subsequently, it makes possible the pursuit of goals previously unattempted.

Smart Manufacturing

gadgets home have revolutionized manufacturing. For example, using a 3D printer one can make copies of an item without having to go through the conventional procedure. A 3D printer lets a user build complex structures in a fraction of the time required in the conventional method. This has made possible the manufacturing of items, from simple yet ingenious toothpaste squeezers to lifesaving prosthetic limbs to real life castles.

Perceiving the Possible

Tech gadgets have made possible for us to create digital simulations which can be used to impart experience to human beings. For example, Virtual Reality can be used to train Pilots and Disaster Management workers to work in extreme conditions. On the other hand, Augmented Reality has been used to mix the real world with the digital, from making it possible to teach Australians about beach safety to figuring out the right place for furniture in a room before buying it.

Ease of Communication and Access to Information

The invention of the internet coupled with the advancement of electronic devices resulted in a big leap forward in terms of communication. An information that took days to in the least to travel from one point of the globe to another can now not only be sent in an instant but the exchange of information can be done in real time. This has made possible features like video calling from anywhere in the world.

Life expectancy

The advancement of medical instruments has made possible for the doctors and researchers to learn more about the human body and accordingly render cure. The MRI machine is a good example of this.

Recording History

The advancement of computers and the invention of complimentary gadgets such as closed-circuit cameras, advanced surveillance systems, and advanced storage systems, we have succeeded in recording a huge part of the day to day human life that not only has practical applications in the smooth functioning of law and order, but will also be important for us a race in the future to come.


Technology is ever-evolving. What exists today shall evolve into more efficient entities, and if one is grateful for being alive in a time like this they can scarcely be blamed.

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